“We believe in using kindness with our fellow humans, and most importantly, with our beloved pets.”

Ace of Paws offers BCAA adopters and foster parents the following benefits:

1) Once a month virtual “Ask the trainer” sessions (we can host these via google meet or zoom).


2) 2x a month in-person group topic training for recent adoptions or current foster dogs


– Topics will be determined prior to opening the sessions up for registration. 

– The sessions are maxed at 5 dogs, but anyone can come watch and learn.

– The sessions only take place during spring/fall when it’s safe for the dogs to be outside


3) Free access to our “Welcome To Your New Life With Your Fur Baby” online curriculum (which include videos on potty training, mouthing, jumping, household consistency, understanding your dog’s breed or breed mixture, understanding your dog’s senses and how they perceive the world, hand signals and verbal cues, how dogs value items, socialization and desensitization) along with handouts and links pertaining to each topic.”

To access the free online training – click Here!  https://www.aceofpawstraining.com/offers/44zihYaT